About CRDF

Camtel Research & Development Foundation
Camtel Research & Development Foundation

This organization was established & Founded  by Md. Abdullah Al Mamun Chaudhury, mainly he is a Social Entrepreneur having many years of experience of Legal Aid for Poor & distress people, Human Rights, Various types of  Research & Development, Disaster management. Academically He did his Graduation in Law, Post graduation from Human Resource Management (BIMS-ABP-UK) he also did Masters in Business Administration.


Founder & Executive Director

Camtel Research & Development Foundation

CRDF is registered from RJC, of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh under “The Societies Registration Act, 1860-(Act XXI of 1860)”

-For more details read following points of article.-

               I) The name of the foundation is ‘CAMTEL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION’ short form of this name will be CRDF/ CRD Foundation.

II)     The Registered Office of the Foundation is at Shahid Abdul Jabbar Road, Jaleswaritola, Bogra-5800,Bangladesh, and may be changed from time to time at anywhere in Bangladesh.Now our Corporate office address: In front of Judicial Magistrate Court, Bogra-5800, Bangladesh.

(1)         Nature of the foundation: It is a not for profit, non-government, non-political, voluntary and charitable Foundation.

(2)         Area of operation: The area of operation of the Foundation shall be the all over in Bangladesh.

III)     Objects of the foundation: The objects for which the foundation is established   are all or any of the following. “All the objects mentioned hereunder will be implemented after

obtaining necessary permission from the government/concerned authority or competent authority and the objects contrary to the provision of section 20 of the `Societies Registration Act-1860’ shall be treated as ineffective.

  1. To undertake and execute the program of Human Resources Development, Environment Development, Preservation of Human Rights, Conservation of Rehabilitation of Women, Children, Adolescent and Aged. Health Extension of Education, Training, Mother & Child Health and Animal Raising.
  2. To create or develop awareness among public about deadly diseases, epidemic, environment, health, nutrition, water supply, education, and arsenic problem.
  3. To assist, cooperate and arrange community training for social awareness on nutrition, welfare of child labor, trafficking, anti-dowry, poly-marriage, early marriage, acid violence, family planning, EPI, protection of rights of child and women in the foundation, health environmental hygiene, sanitation, use of safe drinking water, anti-smoking, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases, destitute patients, house-hole garbage disposal, adverse effect on rampant use of toiletries and cosmetics, drug and its negative role, hazards in the pesticides, toxicology of pesticides residue and toxicity of industrial wastes and affluent.
  4. To undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program for the poor and under privileged people.
  5. To take up program for promotion of literature, fine arts, science, technology and education and to establish archive, library and reading room for the members and for the use of general public for the purpose of promotion of education and culture.
  6. To make awareness among the general public, poor masses and human Foundation their beneficial program.
  7. To take publicity or educational research program & establish libraries, reading room, study centre for developing the habit of study for the benefit of the Foundation.
  8. To achieve self-dependency by organizing the landless, money less and people living under poverty line and by making them socially conscious make a ‘Poverty Free Bangladesh’ by the active participation in national development.
  9. To undertake and carry on any humanitarian or charitable program for the poor and under privileged people.
  10. To ensure role of women in local administration and development initiatives.
  11. To take and implement all the steps for the development of the oppressed and divorce women and underprivileged children.
  12. To provide legal assistance against trafficking, dowry, child marriage, divorce and other oppression against women and children conduct activities to the end.
  13. To build up a mother and child care center. To trained-up for self employment of the unemployed youth and women.
  14. To assist orphans, disable, abandoned children, destitute old people, establishing orphanage, old home and the handicapped to achieve and preserve legal rights and facilities and provide them with other requirements necessary for decent livelihood.
  15. To develop handicraft training and establish literature and cultural institute. To protect of hazardous child labor in the country in all sector like public & private sector.